Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crash Into Me!!!!

Crash is without a doubt a compelling and controversial motion picture. This film demonstrates how different cultures and races interact; good or bad. For the most part of the movie people stereotyped the cultures they did not know. Although there was ignorance throughout the cast, in the end most of the characters learned a valuable lesson!!!!!

The young black man with the braids stood out the most. He had major racial issues with white people because he felt they were bringing the black community down. He obviously was not a man of wealth, so robbed people to make it in the world. The only catch was, he would rob just white people. He felt that he was taking back what whites had taken form his people for so many years. He decided to change when he was educated by another black man. The other black man showed the man with the braids that he was embarrassing his culture by robbing. The man with the braids finally learned and started to make a change!...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Gunman Kills!

A gunman killed 5 and wounded 2 at City Counsil Meetng at a police station on Thursday. The Gunman was shot to death before he could hurt more people Witnesses identified the gunman as Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton, a man who they said regularly disrupted meetings to make complaints, though he didn't make it clear what his concerns were (CNN). According to Thornton's brother, Gerald, told Thorton had serious grievances with the St. Louis city government. Before his attack he asked to speak during the public-comment portions of 2006 meetings on specific topics but instead discussed his alleged harassment by city officials. After not being listened to. Charles Thornton took matters in his own hands.

This type of things brings a lot of attention. One thing is gun control. Obviously this man obtained a firearm too easily. He used it irresponsibly and killed innocent people. The laws on guns NEED to be STRICTER!!! Another issue that will be brought up is City Counsel members listening to the public. Elected politicians are meant to listen to those who voted for them. Had the mayor listened this may not have happened. This does NOT excuse Charles Thornton's actions at all. He should not have done what he did. It makes me sick that one thinks the only way to be heard is through a gun! He obviously needed physiological l help

Friday, February 1, 2008

Free After 20 Years

Bernard Webster went to jail when he was 19 years old in 1982 for rape.The victim was a white woman who described her attacker as a black male, dark complexion, and close cropped hair. Bernard was locked up based on what eye witnesses saw. The DNA testing proved that Bernard was not the attacker. However the evidence did not hold up in court. 20 years later lawyer Michelle Nethercott leader of Innocence Project in Baltimore decided to take a closer look in the case. She saw that the victim and the eye witness' testimonies did not make sense and were not strong. After proving that there were bad witnesses Nethercott also proved with DNA testing there was no way that Webster was capable of the alleged crime. Bernard Webster was set free in 2002.

Cases like this outrage me!There are too many people who are imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. I don't understand how a jury could agree on some of these cases when there is faulty evidence. Our justice system needs to do a better job at picking a jury. They also need to pay public defenders more so that the lawyers try harder for their client. Nethercott did not do anything special in this case. She just did her job and did it very well. That is how every all lawyers should be that way. Everyone needs to work harder to improve our system.

Bush's Last Address

On January 28, 2008 President Bush addressed the country for the last time. He spoke about our school system, health car, our economy, and green house gasses. What he said about schooling stuck out the most for me though. Bush was very proud of our nations "No Kids Left Behind" act. He said it very successful. Bush was proud that 2000 D.C inner city public school kids were able to get to private schools. However Bush failed to mention the other hundreds of thousands of kids that are being left behind.

Bush's "No Kids Left Behind" act is complete bull! There are millions of kids that are left behind! There are kids who are going into 9th grade that are only reading and writing at a 5th grade level. In order for this problem to be fixed, drastic measures need to be taken right away. Our country needs to spend money on books, supplies, the school its self and paying more money for teachers, so that they want to teach. More money in our education system should be one of America's top priorities!!! Instead President Bush feels that it is necessary to waste trillions of dollars in a foreign country. He cares more about other countries than his own.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Future First Man Does Not Help Hillary....

I have blogged earlier about what Hillary Clinton and Obama's dispute over Dr. King. Obama felt that she was taking away form the great things that Dr. King did. Former President Bill Clinton was caught napping during a MLK celebration.

This does not help Hillary at all. People can use this against her to prove that she and her family are insensitive about MLK's legacy. This will lose them a lot black votes. SLEEPING BEHIND MLK'S SON! WOW! THIS IS EMBARRASSING!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Did Not Do It

There have been many cases in the United States where people are convicted for crimes they did not commit. Recently people including my mom have been using DNA testing to prove convicted felons innocent. Tim Masters, from Fort Colons, Colorado will be released today at 9.30a.m. He was convicted for the murder of 37 year Peggy Hettrick in 1999. Tim Masters served 8 years for a crime he did not commit.

People serving in prison for crimes they did not commit is a huge problem in the United States. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! Many times this happens because of poor representation from lawyers. This also happens because of bad witnesses or a bad jury. The United States needs to work harder for a flawless justices system!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My New Blog

Hello my name is Devin Tyrelle and I am using this blog for my Contemporary World Issues Class. In my blog I will try to cover all of The North American News! I will try not to have a biased opinion, but that will be hard. If anyone agrees or disagrees with what I am saying please feel free to let me know. I would ask however that you refrain from using profanity on my blog.
Thank You!

Clinton & Obama
Obama made a comment about how Martin Luther King Jr. earned credit from being a
Civil Rights leader and fights for the rights of black people in America. There was a dispute when Clinton said that LBJ, a former president of The United States, was responsible for enacting the Civil Rights legislation.
She said, "Dr. King's dream began to be realized when President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964"(CBSnews.com). Obama took offense to this because he felt that Clinton was taking away from Martin Luther King Jr.'s accomplishments.